Over the course of two years, working alongside a team of art directors and account managers, I was hired as a freelance copywriter for Boots, working on pitch creatives, social media ideas, social content and SEO articles for Boots UK and

Over the summer of 2017 I was hired to write over 35 SEO articles for the Boots UK website, here are some examples:

How to find your perfect daily skincare regime
What is hayfever?
Fake tan reviews
How to apply gel nail polish
Get your feet summer ready

This involved researching, writing and inputting SEO keywords into lifestyle articles on health, travel and beauty for the .com site.

Here are some examples of the social posts I created for Instagram, Twitter & Facebook:

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…and some feedback:

”I had the pleasure of working with Ginny during my time as a Copywriter and Editor at Hangar Seven. Always reliable and extremely efficient, Ginny always delivers brilliant copy, that’s on brief and on tone. What’s also clear to me is her strength within Health & Beauty; from writing and editing Social Media Calendars through to extensive research and copywriting for a series of online articles. This specialism seems to come natural to Ginny, and is an industry I could see her thriving in – from festival chic to travel vaccinations, her range is extensive. I would absolutely recommend Ginny for short or long term freelance copywriting / social gigs.”

Lucy Lane, Senior Conceptual Copywriter at Momentum Worldwide

”Whether it was Boots, Halfords, New Look or on any of our other accounts, Ginny was a brilliant copywriter that I could completely rely on to work very comfortably with different art directors as well as on her own when needed.

A talent that is not easily found, a person who is not only likeable and trusted but very comfortable with what she does. It is seldom that this kind of talent comes around and I very much look forward to working with her again.”

David Stell, Creative Director, Hangar Seven